5:03pm 04-23-2023
Always happy to discover that websites like this still exist ... it's wonderful.
3:18am 04-06-2023
i really like your website!! your taste in fashion is similar to mine- i've never seen someone else also be a fan of proto-lolita x) your site is super cute and i had fun looking through it!
12:05am 02-15-2023
Hello!!! I love your site sososo much!! It's so cute and makes me smile I think you are interesting
3:16am 09-01-2022
ur site is cool i <3 ur coords/wardrobe!
10:41pm 08-30-2022
i love your website! i don't know much about lolita i just know i love looking at the coords and pieces! your coords page is so lovely, and i love that you can click them to read about each one